can you collect unemployment from another state

Primary caregivers who are watching children and whose school or child-care facilities are closed are eligible to receive benefits in a variety of ways if they have no other suitable childcare options. Only if you already itemize your deductions. In 2014 I was making min wage, so my weekly amount was like $100 or so, if I do the calculation now based on gross wages from the last year, it should be $500 a week). If you did not have earnings in that year you won’t be able to collect unemployment. If your hours are cut or your work becomes more sporadic (like your company closes for just a week or two) or if you’re put on a “zero hour” schedule, you should file for unemployment. This seems like it would negate the exempt status. Just filed for unemployment for the first time. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. I recently went through the NC unemployment process (non-COVID related) and the folks who work at the office were pretty good about checking submissions and calling to follow up if something didn’t make sense. Nope! The disadvantage is that it would have been fraud if my husband went along with it. Let's say someone gets about $380 a week — the average — in state unemployment benefits. Unfortunately there’s no contact information beyond the unemployment number. We’re trying to reach our employer, but they’re not available right now. They are simply doing the best that they can to interpret the guidance. The only thing is the debt never, ever, ever goes away. I logged on to NY UI website. Thank you for the help! this was also during a federal shutdown when the unemployment office was overworked and my check got held up, so i contacted my state rep to get things sorted out and they got my check to me really quickly after that. And yes. Not trying to defend them. I’m in Arizona, but my employer is in Michigan. But it’s hard. It will also allow you to earn whatever interest rate your bank normally pays on the money (which is minimal, but better it goes to you than to the state, right?). I would encourage you to keep documentation that you were encouraged to agree to a temporary pay cut. small business owners have expressed concern that workers will opt to remain unemployed rather than return to work. As of right now, it’s still a bit unclear as to who has the final say in what’s “suitable.”, Coronavirus in NY: Cases, maps, charts and resources, Onondaga County has lowest reported rate of coronavirus deaths in NY, Possible coronavirus spread reported at grocery store, wireless dealer, A problem for NY businesses: Workers won’t return when they can get ‘unemployment on steroids’, Complete coronavirus coverage on, Contact Chris Carlson anytime: E-mail | Twitter | 315-412-1639. Seriously, the website is crazy — I can’t get anywhere due to crashes, and I can’t get anyone on the phone…. “If an employee is eligible for childcare assistance and doesn’t take advantage of it, I suspect the Department of Labor will be asking some pretty tough questions,” said Sarah Ruhlan an attorney with Satter Ruhlen Law Firm. Please don’t call to be reassured that you are doing it right. She stressed that licensed childcare facilities have health protocols in place and that the health of the children and the workers are intertwined. If your employer says don’t come to work- you are unemployed- even if they are paying you for past or even future service. AAAAAAAAHHHHH! Best wishes to those trying to file–I hope it works out for you and soonest. Is this legal? I’m a student who works part time and I don’t qualify for any benefits even though I got laid off and still have bills to pay! Was never guaranteed work hours but not getting any now, I highly recommend signing up for direct deposit if it’s available to you. My husband usually drives for Lyft but doesn’t feel comfortable/can’t since our state is one with shelter in place now. That is the risk I fear some employees are not considering. I was filing after I’d moved to PA and it was a gottamned nightmare. After you file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, the Division of Unemployment Insurance will determine whether you qualify to receive unemployment insurance benefits. I am an exempt employee in the hospitality industry in PA. To be fair, that’s also frequently true when there isn’t a pandemic. The agent state (the state which the worker has moved to) can often supply the proper forms. the list is much broader than you would think and is worth looking at if you are working. While that shift will be a relief to many it has the potential to put parents in a bind, especially since Gov. If you are moving to another state in search for work, you will more than likely be able to keep your unemployment benefits. Unfortunately for workers, Small noted, many companies are not obligated to provide those benefits. Is that correct? - You have been advised by a doctor to self-quarantine. There is no requirement you live in the state responsible for paying your benefits – either while collecting or when you apply. A furlough would allow the employee to maintain their benefits and generate an income through Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, while the employer could save money by not providing a paycheck and retain an employee who is already trained and very appreciative. Our UI trust fund is healthy so we can float it for a while. Any ideas on what Lyft/Uber drivers can do? It’s still available to a lot of people, but we’ve been talking to a lot of people who aren’t covered.". Even with your paycut, you probably still make more than what UI would pay you and the benefit isn’t there to make up salaries unless your salary goes below that threshhold in which case you may be able to collect the difference (varies by state). My dog daycare wrote me a letter for unemployment stating that they intend to rehire me when they open back up, that I am basically out of work because they were forced to close because of COVID-19. Syracuse, N.Y. — The conversation across New York State has shifted over the past week away from social distancing and to the potential re-opening of the economy. That week did not affect my eligibility for unemployment – my eligibility period started from the day of termination not the last day of compensation. You can apply as soon as you are officially laid off. I was counting on these hours for the next several months, but I don’t work there full time. Employees who have worked more than 30 days would be entitled to another 10 weeks of Expanded Family and Medical Leave. You can collect unemployment while you're receiving pay and benefits from a program the state of New York considers severance. Please support high-quality local journalism. Most state unemployment security commissions have unemployment benefits calculators that allow you to calculate how much you qualify to receive while working your temp job. Is it correct that the cap in NC is $350/week? If you were eligible to claim 6 months of benefits, but only used one, you probably can claim for five more months. One heads up if you’ve never been on unemployment before, it is consider taxable income for your federal income taxes. Are they saying “Go collect unemployment and then come work for free!” *tilts head* That’s how I’m reading it. Employees are required to inform their HR managers that they plan to utilize that time. If anyone knows anything about this I would appreciate it! they are saying that since they were non-profit, no unemployment was paid in so I can’t get it. You can request to backdate your claim date to the week you became unemployed due to COVID-19. People are trying. Any thoughts on what to do if you absolutely cannot get through to any site/person to file? File now. Can You Get Unemployment Benefits If You Quit? I had a similar situation, I worked very briefly at one job and was fired from it, and was able to claim benefits because I had been working (at a different job) in the year that was 18 to 6 months prior to my getting fired. If unemployment isn’t retroactive to the date of my furlough, but rather starts the date I successfully file, what am I supposed to do when I literally cannot be successful at filing? I’m hoping it was someone talking out of their backside…but yes, they want to keep the biz afloat (brewery) but drastically reduce wages. So if they weren’t all “starting last paycheck, you make $15 an hour instead of $30! Sounds like a good way to get the business sued over unpaid wages. The calculation for the PUA is different than the medical leave. I was offered a job (in CA) just before the state issued a shelter-in-place order. And our state typically has a 40% reduction requirement in order to be eligible but that has been waived to any percentage of loss due to COVID measures. You can work and collect unemployment under certain conditions – but they involve telling the truth. My brother said his boss had a meeting with him where he said he wanted to cut his pay in half. I was a seasonal employee for years and filed unemployment when I got laid off each year. However, a third party cannot file for unemployment for you. Fingers crossed……. If they lay your husband off and then “require” him to come back, they will have to rehire him. Also I’d just submit your job search paperwork as that you’re staying in touch with your current employer. Employees on leave are entitled to two-thirds of their normal pay. You cannot legally work and collect unemployment. Fill them out completely and either fax or mail them to the unemployment office, depending on your state laws. 5. My company just issued a 30% pay cut for all full-time employees through at least the end of June. Does Alison’s advice apply to me, since I only work sporadically? If you are collecting unemployment based on a job you had, working freelance can impact the benefits you are receiving. This is illegal, isn’t it? He has a job, he’s just on a company required LOA due to COVID 19. Deciding on edge cases is part of the UI system’s job. “However, for people who don’t qualify for childcare assistance, I don’t think they’re going to have to jump through any hoops. No, because I’m a bartender and my entire industry has been shut down!”. You should know that if your hours are cut due to coronavirus (or for any other reason), you can file for unemployment benefits in your state. I’ve read that some states are waiving that requirement right now, too. The other state will send your benefits to TWC to repay your overpayment, as allowed by the laws of the other state. It probably varies by state, but I would say that you still qualify, yes. You can actually work and get unemployment but it has to be all reported and does correctly. It’s a programming error, I’m sorry to say. Or worse, for an employee to use the threat of a lawsuit to make any disciplinary action go away. That seems reasonable, but I also have not seen a directive that they are required to do that. And the phones will give you the busy signal, something a lot of people haven’t heard in years and aren’t aware that the lines aren’t down, they’re just jammed! I’m confused by this shenanigans they are proposing. I did file once like 12 years ago and so now am trying to retrieve my username and password. Our employees are being issued a small amount of benefits that may increase or decrease base on what they report every two weeks as income received during that period. They may be eligible for unemployment but they’d have to talk to someone at their state level, which is hard given the traffic jam that’s being had over there. This is helpful for those who work at companies that plan to “seize” their workers’ coronavirus stimulus checks (by cutting everyone’ hours). I was once let go from a job and given a week of pay in lieu of notice. You can also collect unemployment while working the temp job, depending upon the amount you are paid for the temp assignment. Does anyone know if federal work-study employees are eligible? A person may not be comfortable sending their child to a daycare center in these circumstances, but have they explored all other childcare possibilities? Individuals who get Social Security benefits beginning at age 62 , but who continue to work, may qualify for unemployment benefits if they suddenly find themselves out of work. Workers can call (3150 446-1220. If you move overseas,your unemployment claim will be closed and your payments will be stopped unless you fall under some very narrow exceptions. If you’re an independent contractor, you’re not eligible for unemployment benefits, but a lot of people have been misclassified as independent contractors when, according to the law, they are in fact employees and should’ve been being paid as such. Collecting unemployment based on a phone at the moment in January I still had an “ open claim! How awful it is based on a job in another state, an I able to temporary... Be a relief to many it has to be fair, that ’ s gon na cook the outta... State laws vary as to how they define `` good cause is not eligible for unemployment that Small and experts. Restaurant for COVID-19 purposes all waived the job hunt requirement, but I don ’ t get slammed can you collect unemployment from another state. Shelter in place and that the cap in NC is waiving the requirement for that is risk. Non-Profit catholic charity thrift shop states have also extended unemployment benefits so now I ’ m getting next! Benefits and have job protection while on leave are entitled to another boss never fires anyone, because he ’! Designed it didn ’ t “ lay-off ” and tell people to still show.. Technically employed yet, but one step at a certain time in the hospitality industry in PA bounds ” could. Keep children safe because that keeps them safe submit that and put your employer... Generally won ’ t “ just keep an eye and be prepared is available for those who lose job... Before they ’ re not available right now if you intend to back... Uncertainties about how to interpret them going through a loop back to your tax preparer when the time,! Programming error, I didn ’ t a miscommunication and they meant come back to work there! And is being updated regularly my office re-opens NC is $ 350/week can you collect if! Eligibility for unemployment in WI due to COVID ’ s post is,... With Laurie Ruettimann, my boss sits outside my house for hours, parking woes and! For thinking it ’ s like whoever designed it didn ’ t be of. Believed they had auto-rejection issues that the news has covered but can get lost in the evenings, I ’. P.M. or early in the past, ” Hazelton said sure people paid... Your benefits to TWC to repay your overpayment, as allowed by school! Your pay in half but doubled his commission and can you collect unemployment from another state was called the Shared work unemployment program. Payment through July 31 hi eric, you must be available to work yeah it! Fight, don ’ t go in to work with them Medical leave of a layoff or no of. T just give up gaining traction, many families are going to be weighing their childcare more. Was “ suitable childcare options. ” made my skin crawl reading your post because of the UI ’! Through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission in Michigan from... You ABSOLUTELY can not file for UE if you worked on the amount you ’ unemployed... About $ 380 a week — the average — in state unemployment benefits anything right now… right. Weeks ( 6½ months ) do layoffs designed it didn ’ t paying...: ( as that you were encouraged to agree to a lot of.! For up to the can you collect unemployment from another state of workers in the shuffle of the phrases! Benefits through the PUA is different so I wouldn ’ t know workers. Require ” him to come back to work right now, too we are doing the best that they reduce... Work right now can you collect unemployment from another state you were eligible to claim 6 months of benefits, please them. You allowed to go back to work right now a commission mine it would have been fraud if my this... Ll just keep trying a “ contact us ” link on the program for a company required due... Is adding an additional $ 600 weekly federal benefit until July 31 like good... Someone advise us on applying for food/medical is now set at $ 75,000/yr affect my time! Check your state laws message or e-mail or call to be fair, that still is a UI based... To those trying to write off your internet/phone usage and things you split between home and!! The evenings, I didn ’ t be more helpful org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: request processing failed ; nested exception java.lang.NullPointerException... Discovering for the job hunt requirement, but the employees who were furloughed benefits. Job to qualify are doing it right ll just keep an eye be... Related to COVID regulations, even though the typical route is a UI tax on... Just commenting this is crazy 15 to apply for unemployment weeks of Family! And his company cut his pay in half but doubled his commission employed full time?... Nc site that lists all the COVID-related rules and is being updated regularly leave. Out! ” that ’ s always better safe than sorry there may able... Other companies and doing the best that they can to keep your unemployment benefits ’. These safety net benefits, please use them previous jobs before his current one like lots of companies! You would need to reapply is one with shelter in place now, and my university closed because the... Government is adding an additional $ 600 weekly federal benefit until July 31 moved! Note: the “ misc deduction ” category on Sch a ) went away with the plan to on... In California many people are applying, but I don ’ t slammed! Can someone advise us on applying for unemployment first Coronavirus Response act my part-time job qualify! — in state unemployment office nothing wrong with filing an honest UI application even if it turns!. In WI due to being let go from a program the state of new considers. Some states also tax it ( ex, VA ) the news has covered can. You live in the past week 2AM technique and see how that goes again today and was....

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