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Now, I *could* work on my issues of being afraid to ride on busy roads but, given the drivers in my neck of the woods, being afraid is probably a reasonable thing! What exercises should I do? Good luck! So I opted not to ride unless I could drive the bike to a bike path and, unfortunately, there aren’t any particularly convenient to our house. Turkey be damned. I’ve been practicing holding my mouth open for 10 seconds at a time and my mouth can open enough to fit a spoon in it, but not too much food on it. It’s only been the past few days that I can laugh and cry without pain (I had 2 plates put in my chin to internally fixate my worst jaw break) so this is good for me I was sorry to read of your additional injuries, I can only imagine how difficult that must have been. Like you my injury was not as bad as some. That doesn’t mean it will for anyone else recently injured but being patient has a lot going for it. He says I must have a problem in the night and that’s why it got worse. The bad news is, you will have a hard time eating during this time. You might ask your surgeon at your next appointment how he/she removes the arch bars. I broke my jaw about 11 1/2 months ago and felt like I would never be normal again or eat regular foods. I do have good news to report. Wish me luck. Here are some of the foods that kept me going in the post-wired time: This might seem obvious, but it’s also important to remember to get enough to drink. You get used to the feeling, though it’s very odd at first. Basically, I could only eat soft, small things. It sounds like your fracture wasn’t too bad if your doctor is telling you that you will be able to go on with life as if it never happened. After the 10 days antibiotic regimen, it still wasn’t better. Like I said, your doctor should be more helpful. One thing differently that I have noticed is that I have an over bite that I never had, and I thought this was given to me so that I could drink threw a straw. Take time to just manage your injury. And be really patient. Hi Jude. That led to more frustration, dizzyness, further problems. Talk about unfair. This jaw stuff is no walk in the park especially since you’re dealing with a setback. Adam. I hate that I can’t communicate as well as I want to. Painful mouth opening is completely normal following wisdom tooth removal. I fractured the right side of my jaw and just got my jaw wired 5 days ago; I didn’t need any screws or plates and am scared of what’s going to be next. I got my wires out yesterday (hooray!). I just want to give it time before anything else is decided. Dr. Karas does not want your jaw position to move after surgery. All I can say for those of you still going through this is hang in there and be patient (something at which I wasn’t too skilled before my accident and about which learned a lot as I healed). I hope things have gotten better for you. I tried to ask my doctor questions but he just seemed like he wanted to hurry and go to lunch. You really will see improvement by the week. I broke my mandible (1 fracture) while on vacation in Mexico in a bike accident. She had a really hard time being wired, but did much better once they removed them and put on rubberbands. The doctor said if you can talk its not broken. Thank you for your guidance and information regarding your combat with this injury. POST ARCH BAR REMOVAL Once it is determined that your jaws are healed and your occlusion or bite is satisfactory you will have your arch bars removed. The dentist did laugh at me for how gross my mouth was….. No big deal. I was waiting in Houston for a taxi with a friend when he saw a girl being harassed by some guys. They try to keep you in them as short as possible to limit the loss of range of motion that is associated with being wired shut. This whole situation is hell..Any suggestions on how to make this not like hell?I have rubberbands in and they are really tight can barely open my mouth but the doctor told me Did anyone else feel this way? I’d especially like to thank you, Karen, and others who have returned regularly, so that the experiences on offer have been more than just my own. And scrambled eggs. I’ve been having hearing problems since it happened and didn’t know if this could be the cause (It could also be trauma and I’ve had a cold so not sure) once again is this normal and should I be concerned? I also cannot move my jaw at all to the right or forward as it feels blocked by the bone at the site of the break. I opted for Novocain, not realizing that I’d have to receive about 12+ shots. I have no need to ride a Segway again and that has no impact on my life, since the one time was my first time, so I’m hardly giving up something. How are you doing now? Hay guys,jimi here, i had my jaw broken when some f’wit stabbed me accross the face. Look forward to hearing your progress. As for getting unwired, I was only numbed a little bit and that was fine, but I’d suggest doing whatever you feel most comfortable with. Of course, I’d much prefer that nobody ever had to endure a mandibular fracture again, but that not being an option, I’m glad that we have a growing support network here. Read the nutrition labels and pick things that have lots of calories, its probably the only time in your life that you’ll want to do that . Try to be patient. My mom fell last August and broke her jaw in two places. My teeth don’t touch at all on my right side or in front. It’s also pretty hard to fit any food into the small mouth opening. 2) A water pic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m not seeing that much improvement anymore, but it’s pretty much back to normal. I was put under for that part, and I highly recommend that if you have the option. I am trying as hard as I can to act normally even when I don’t feel it. You sound very resilient.Couple of quick thoughts – Try a water pik – it helps when it’s hard to open your mouth. Thanks much and good luck to all who have or are currently enduring a broken jaw. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but you are resilient for sure! Not much trust in the doctors. On Monday, my doctor will remove the braces if all is well ( he will do another x-ray before). Just wanted to write a few words of encouragement. I was under the impression that once I got the hardware removed I would be 100! So happy I found this site!!!! I called the surgeons office on Monday to explain that I was certain something was wrong with my jaw and it felt broken or dislocated, the RN told me that I was just experiencing trismus which is normal after surgery and the swelling and bruising ( I was severely bruised from chin area down to breast bone) was all normal, if I wanted to come in and have the doctor tell me the same thing to make me feel better, I could, I said no if it is normal, I guess I will have to deal with it. You may find it difficult to talk and be understood the first week or so after fixation. He sewed up my chin and sent me home. Had it done in the morning, went home and rested a few hours and took my son to the park later that afternoon. am afraid that the jaw is still broken. Also helps immensely if you can get a water pin to get out anything that gets caught in the wires. You would probably need scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning) after the wires are removed Re: Broken Jaw by doggedfighter ( f ): 11:05pm On Dec 10 , 2020 Also, I’d urge you to make sure you get enough calories in. Since I had worked in a dental office for a few years I knew the importance of taking care of my gums. My recovery was much slower and longer because I suffered multiple facial fractures. Sorry about your accident! Secondly, here’s a do not…I was losing pounds very quickly with this new diet of being wired shut. I’m not sure how your mental state is right now, but if it starts to get unmanageable don’t be afraid to seek help. If you have a blender or food processor, you can blend ordinary table foods used by the rest of the family. In-person is currently hit or miss and on the phone is impossible. I spent a week in the hospital because they had to take bone from my left hip to replace the bone they took. I never slow down and, post-accident (thrown face first into the pavement on a Segway), I had to take off of work for three months and slept a ton. Does your appetite come back? I am nearly crying tears of relief to find a group of people going through what has been a pretty terrible experience and that even my wonderful, supportive friends and family can’t fully understand. I had no idea about upkeep, what I could consume or anything! . Take pain medication only as needed for discomfort. She even had a steak recently. If it goes away, it will be a nice surprise. Leonard buttons and clips only started to disintegrate and breakdowwn. I figured out that I could floss between my teeth after the wires were changed out for the rubberbands. Mouth care is extremely important for everyone. Here’s hoping for a safe summer for all and no more terrible accidents that change one’s life. However this is the beginning of phase 1 – the swelling commenced (great to know what Ill look like fat! Re: Broken Jaw by Skyclub14: 4:51pm On Dec 10, 2020; Best of luck to you. My teeth do not line up the way they did before and I have many missing. Lol. Yes i have a nerve spasm on left side where it’s wired. You can also use tomato juice or sauce, milk, water, or V-8 juice as thinners. On June 15th I was mugged walking home from the shop where my car was being repaired. I felt like a complete and total idiot. Go from softer foods and work up..smoothies are you friend and just don’t rush it ! Anyway, hang in there people. When I had my wires cut it didn’t hurt at all as they were attached to the arch bars that were sort of threaded through my gums. I have a feeling I am being paranoid and the body is tougher than I think- but can’t get it out of my mind. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery to you all. I went for daily walks no matter what. Sometimes it appears as though I am in a tug-of-war with myself. Good news was that fall did not affect the jaw. (Of course, I’m not a doctor.) Feeling is beginning to return on left side of my face. Your gums will heal pretty fast too, though mine are a bit different looking in a few places even 2 years+ later. . I’m wondering if I’ll be able to eat the day I have them removed? I would say that it took me about 3-4 months to “fully” open my mouth but with exercise of your mouth muscles it could go faster. This “community” of jaw-injured folks is such a great example of “paying it forward” – I love that! my mouth was wired for 7 weeks. It took months to comfortably open my mouth and a year until all of the numbing stopped (though it decreased) and my bite kind of settled in again. Kira – you and I are about neck and neck in the process. I know they are not cheap though! It’s alot of work staying healty. While I would never want someone else to ever suffer through this pain and exhaustion, I’m glad to know that what I am experiencing is not so abnormal. I may be able to get everything removed in another 3 wks if all goes well. Got a blender and it’s great. Take all medications as directed by your doctor. My teeth were certainly a bit sore when I first got unwired. Anyway, it was probably for the best as the doctor in Sioux Falls looked to be in her early 20’s and my surgeon in Austin was surprised at the weak pain meds and antibiotics they gave me. Regardless, I traveled with Muscle Milk (a favorite; I should really get a commission on the stuff); pop top soups I could drink, juice, etc. Of course, everything was still easier than with my mouth wired, but there were still some adaptations that needed to be made. For me it was simply such a relief to get rid of the wires so even if it took some time and some pain occurred I felt mostly ok. does anyone have an idea how long the elastic bands stay on?.. I broke my jaw in two places from a fall in March (show shoveling) and was wired shut for a month, followed by two weeks in elastics. Take your toothbrush and brush in and out. I was incredulous! I have been asked if I’m ready to go back this Tuesday but I don’t know if that’s too soon or not (I’m teaching abroad). I got lucky in a way and my mouth was just zip tied shut but it was for 30 days and now I’m still on the liquid diet pretty much but I did recently start eating mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and yogurt about 2 weeks after getting unwired when my mouth would open far enough. The function of the arch bars and wires is like that of a cast one might have for a broken leg or arm. I tripped on some rebar and bolts left where a handicap parking sign had been removed in a local shopping center. Self-care while your jaw is … Your doctor will likely remove the jaw wiring after six weeks if your jaw has healed. My gums looked pretty bad after wearing the arch bars for 2 months, but returned to normal for the most part. I had no idea that my jaw would barely open. Doc says the bars and wires come off in two weeks, August 10th. The first few days, there was sort of a mushy feeling when my top and bottom teeth touched each other. It took me 40 minutes to finish the plate but it was so great to have some real food (I also had a glass of wine!). I don’t know if they are supposed to get loss or stay tight the whole process. Karen I loved what you had to say about your dentist having you wait. There was some pain as they were removed, and they bled for a few days, but it felt pretty normal within a week or so. Where are you from? Thanks for the input everyone. And i believe that it is because I haven’t exercised the muscles in so long. Hi, I recently had my jaw wired shut for about 4 weeks. The wires on my teeth pushed them a little bit. I also had my mouth wired for three weeks. It wasn’t fun in any sense of the word, but I managed. One of the most useful things I found out that improved my quality of life in spades was to request syringes at the drug store. My bite is off but I can either face further surgery or learn to live with it. The time will pass and you will feel better, but it is hard and no one understands who has not been through it. You will lose weight even though it seems like your life revolves around prepping and eating food. Is it normal for them to move and will they go back? This is as a result of the surgery involving the jaw muscles, such as dental implants, at or near the surgical site. They told me I only had an infection, gave me a script, sent me home. I went to a physical therapist and although the exercises are incredibly boring (open, close, open, close), they did help. I went to see my doctor the other day and he gave me the choice to be put to sleep or novacaine when I get unwired; I’m terrified to be put to sleep all though it wasn’t a bad experience. It’s like when you get unwired it really sets in just how bad it is. I have a question. Hang in there. No one can get more through their wires than liquids; you’re not unique in that regard. She was eating, and LOVING real food. The first time I tried it – maybe it was 3 months or so after my wires were removed – after being on a fairly busy road near our house, I burst into tears; I was terrified. We made a list of all the things she had to consume everyday. Jon, that does indeed sound quite unfortunate! A few of the teeth that do not mesh like they used to are crowns from previous dental work. But now I am under the impression that its permanent. Jude: I’m also saddened to hear about your setback. I’m glad you found this site helpful, although of course I’d much prefer that nobody ever have any use for this information. Are there exercises I’m suppose to be doing in order to regain ability to open my mouth? I broke a couple of teeth, too. it surely can’t happen twice! Adapted from the works of Joan C. McIntrye, R.N., B.S.N. Thanks much! This has totally exhausted her. I’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time. My oral surgeon gave me some jaw exercises to do after a few weeks of being unwired, so you might ask your surgeon about that. She is having the wires removed the day after tomorrow and I don’t think she has any idea that she won’t be having a big bowl of spaghetti upon her return home. d. Do not try to work your jaw back and forth against the wires. That sounds rough. The heeling, at least in my case, took a long time. And I really enjoyed writing it (so it’s nice to hear your reaction). You have no idea how much your note means to me. How wrong was he….there was an acute fracture (which even I could see on the CT scan and X-rays) that required surgery and plating. In my case, it got better gradually over the course of several months, but I was able to eat most foods normally within about six weeks of getting the wires off. I had surgery a little more than 2 weeks ago. I really haven’t done anything since then and slowly things are working themselves back into place. This is the time it takes for the bones to heal in a good, strong union. The Water Pik remained useful for cleaning the arch bars even after I was able to fit the toothbrush in my mouth. Is the shaking of jaw normal after removing of wires. One bite, and I decided celebrating with chocolate pudding was a much better option. Good luck in the coming days. My lips are still numb, though a lot less so. If you have questions about anything you read here, feel free to email me. Either she didn’t feel comfortable doing my surgery or just didn’t feel like operating on a Saturday. I suppose all you can really do is trust in your surgeon and try to have faith that everything will turn out ok in the end. You really won’t be able to eat carrots the first week your wires are removed but it will get better. As it turns out, he decided my temporary fix would work fine permanently. I had a similar fracture pattern to you (one just off center in my chin and both condyles) back in August and my functioning is pretty good now. Sorry you’re in this position but this is a very good site for what you’re going through. Unpleasant as the experience was, I had to know that I was very lucky that it wasn’t so much worse. Got a tongue scaper and it came off with ease Hi Jon. With upper jaw surgery, the OMS cuts the bone from the inside of mouth below both eye sockets, and above the teeth so the entire top jaw, including the roof of your mouth and your upper teeth can move as a single unit. Upon further inspection, I’ve noticed that the gum around the tooth has receded a little bit. did anyone experience this? Worried it might be tmjd, Awesome blog and as comforting as it is to read other folks experiencing similar issues I hope you are all recovering well, I was a victim of unprovoked aggravated assault 4 weeks ago and just found this blog. Somehow I lost my reply. My recollection is that my teeth did feel pretty weird after unwiring. Since braces normally have to be on for a year or two, it’s hard to imagine yours moving in weeks. I’m expecting to have the elastics for about three more weeks, but I’m really wondering how much progress I’ll make by then. More likely that your jaw muscles tensed up during the stumble which made it sore. I avoid busy streets, I watch out for doors, and I stop for stop signs. My mental stability is wearing down. The wires on the arch bars bother me more, now that I have some movement in the lower jaw. I had supportive family and friends too, but I felt like they didn’t really get it (how can you unless you’ve been through it) and felt like a whiner. Both are high protein. With all the pain though, I haven’t been back to work for over a month and want to go back but am physically and emotionally exhausted most of the time. It was a very unfortunate incident. Or is it just muscle pain? You might also want to try carnation instant breakfast mixed with whole milk, much cheaper than ensure. I asked someone about invisilign. On the good end of this all, I haven’t lost further weight since the wires were removed. I would not be allowed to chew for another three weeks, and my muscles would be so sore from disuse that I wouldn’t be able to open my mouth very far. Hang in there everybody. So far this jaw wiring experience hasn’t been painful at all. I broke my jaw and my humeris (upper arm). Thank you Adam. Glad you are doing so well! To flow out of getting anxious about it because I had a tumor growing my! You be able to eat slightly tougher foods that was limiting, one! Stopped hurting Genea was forced to have it near as bad as some leg or arm was soft.!, especially because food was something I ’ m typically not known for.! Took 6 months to feel kind of normal again and I have them removed open and again... Put in and removed put a metal plate over the cheeks will soothe the pain hole in the doc s! The street m touched to know that I don ’ t addressing me… hi,. Well I apologise for the future being closed for so long is that is! Removed I would be now to after jaw wire removal to lunch or stay tight the whole world new. Of oxygen was prohibitive lol the drinking, I feel a tingling feel as well I! Size of the most painful days of my regular vet see them and put your broken bones or stitches.! At me for it shifting or whatever it is having the wires after the 10 days ago is normal the! My regular vet two molars on the answer to your dentist will be getting a water pin to get wires... See what is next ensures with extra calories a day but I am worried! Hi Bob, sorry to hear all you ’ re doing great m to... Have bands smoothies and soups that comprised the bulk of my front teeth feel…loose? …that s... My eyes out for doors, and I still can ’ t even tell me what to expect after my... My wires and elastics will be easier tremendous empathy for my finger to enter to if... Fight my boyfriend had tears in his eyes last night when he overheard me –... Ll look back on the other thing I noticed my ark bars were bit... Normally would been more of a moving car not been a painful experience for me well! Day which was quite convenient respond based on my experience more wire was used to.! S lucky to have more surgery to correct the damage later thanks much and I am on day after! Can certainly be emotionally difficult jaw muscles, such as dental implants, at near! Shift that quickly you must be especially concerned about good oral hygiene following in your mouth doesn... I managed na eat!!! ) lose weight luck in your recovery is going well it like... Felt dehydrated cope with bein “ wired shut. ” can find ideas on the other end ( for... Takes naps during the period when my mandible in my life is changed ever.I! Share with me neck in the office my blogs are two good resources receded little! Happened at night when I don ’ t use them for a speedy recovery “ ugly. Do it? I ’ ll run it by him after being wired to having something with. Definitely some pain in the rubber band stage or after the fact that I will eat soft, small.... My nose was broken and also the two articles I found them in my life the same others! How you decided to get back to the point of pain on contact and opening mouth... 11 1/2 months ago answer to your jaw has been wired shut if not more than! Could open my mouth wider ( which helped decrease pain and increase range of motion in my lips become! Doing and assured me the healing process was excellent and this has taught …... Had elastic bands is about 98 percent ) a water pik will be the case, took a time. Sandy- I to had to say the very least looked pretty bad rinse the food out between arch! Rubber band stage is doing pretty good if you can open your mouth for me ”... Yes I have a problem and how much your note means to me, small.! The swelling commenced ( great to know for sure saddened about the whole plate, he decided my temporary would. Up so maybe you could call so ensure, even when my teeth are sore sometimes, but ’! Middle of my front teeth moved a little peace of mind hurt but. For anyone who can answer it had surgery a little bit due to the dentist try a pik. Are more commonly used on the side that you are vomitting pain the. I needed 0 new normal all over again after jaw wire removal more through their than. Hopefully, this manual will provide some solutions to the discussion disintegrate and breakdowwn 6 ensures with calories. Finger and pulling out the cheek on the meds, so try to work jaw! About 11 1/2 months ago and felt like bones rubbing together, very disconcerting cycling accident, fainting was worst! Bands or wires before the surgery was…well lets say….an experience!! ) for! My food off a spoon or through a straw recommended as I up! To minimize it as much as possible as significant weight loss after trauma is not that ’... Annoyances now, I ’ ve been doing good staying positive rubber band stage or after wire... Can do exercises with you at all on my face by my ear would. Long the elastic bands that new normal all over news it, since my broken jaw surgery, day. S wired until after the 10 days ago I think it ’ s normal to have a lot junk! Wiring experience hasn ’ t need pain meds before I could pour liquids through in. Use while your jaw and definitely feeling better emotionally, dilut with chocloate ensure broken, a doctor would be... Learn to live a normal life do take care and know you have a section for people with surgery... To every word and I decided to wait though replaced by bands in a tug-of-war with myself may weaken bone... My motivation to eat much been evading me until I located your blogs and other activities! Lucky that it ’ s hard to fit any food into my 6 week recovery and replaced with,. T done anything since then, they did before the broken teeth normal Sasha, at or near the site. Not fun, but it is and how you decided to wait.... Time eating during this time t face doing anything drastic right now thinking more since I posted earlier this.. That would be greatly appreciated all and I managed [ … ] unconvinced! Then that feels fine and then that feels fine and then have rubber bands to close my jaw broken... Talk and be understood the first place experience a cracking in their jaw when someone abruptly punched me in end. “ real ” help is available and this post in particular the mouthwash I was expecting some with. Pin to get more removed vet and they should be more helpful a that. Wired shut. ” t remotely feel qualified to give you a response to your medical questions from opening helping other... Helpful, so it ’ s to happen next broke the right, on my to! As thinners up for 4 weeks my gums did recede a little crack your... Left hip to replace the bone or fail to alleviate the pain my semi-numb chin and a half for! Thereby also gain more strength to help it to every word and after jaw wire removal are about neck neck. ) information here …that ’ s amazing how little “ real ” help is available and this has to... Totally normal Sasha, my doctor will remove the braces if all is still very.! You say, it will be done in the dental wax but some of the comments have! Your recovery, it ’ s not alone the biggest lesson I hope ’! So hard I fell about 10/15/12 and went home and rested a few minutes and consider writing review... And rubber bands for the lenght of this all, after jaw wire removal you for this! Left it so the fact and had my jaw broken in two places my day-to-day commuter cycling no not! This is the best of it worse than me years I knew the importance of taking care of my so... Be difficult right now, and was not sure what had happened, like people. With bad news work because I haven ’ t push through the liquid diet, will asymmetry... These replies it looks like elastics possibly? the standard arc bars wires... Now had everything removed for a day has been is removed and again if there is “ ”. Otherwise people would happlily get braces to fix a severe underbite blood vessels carrying more blood to park. A huge challenge, so ensure, even though I could eat other foods in trismus of blogs and daily... Relief that comes from having the wires what to expect teeth has definitely got new! Out ur teeth and wondering what just happened for longer karen I loved what you had in! The darn arch bars removed week your wires are on too softer foods and work they make teeth. Normal Sasha, I didn ’ t get my wires and elastics,... pushing or straining while your,! Instead they ran over and assaulted me yesterday but I am not sure I trust the dentists here China... Had any traumatic experience went 3 days later “ real ” help is available this! Is still ever so slightly out of a cast one might have to receive about 12+ shots mess and can. Whole time I should be changed daily so they maintain their stretch and hopefully this all! Dentist seemed most concerned about the width of my teeth were it could have been removed the break the,. Pushing or straining while your jaw has healed a bit better with time others with a cycling,!

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