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IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO INSTALLERS & OWNERS FORESPAR PRODUCTS CORP. 22322 GILBERTO RANCHO … The installation couldn't have been easier - tap 14 holes, 8 on the mast, 6 on the boom, and bolt it on. Any recommendations on what would work and would be easy to install? For those applications, you’ll want heavier duty equipment. MWL = 375kg (820 lb) Max Line Size = 6mm (1/4") #4. Our new (to us) last year boat (Nordship 35 DS), had no topping lift but rigid vang without spring. Boom vangs & topping lifts In-boom furling systems require both a rigid boom vang and a traditional boom topping lift for safety and ease of sail trimming. Joined 1 Jun 2001 Messages 1,013 Location Oban. Rigid Vang Installation Instructions VARIATIONSIncrease purchase as required by upgrading the rear boom, and traveller blocks eg. Fittings, fasteners, drill and tap included for a complete package. ;���4�����0���U!—A��Ba�f�.�b����3���B�"�ȉ[�>bBC,4|�$C*���`57#���晹�J�@G6�Nb�b��{>�m�9��,�2��f�������9:.�''}..P�]����tw���+|ny���C�t��eKz�UsU2Y���̽�8��C/� �fN���A�SIx30�)J�=���2A`��U�����T�x��fg���{3Hk��� wYd! Garhauer Marine, Inc. 1082 West 9th St. Upland, CA 91786 1-909-985-9993 | Place the brake aft of the boom vang if there is a rigid vang. The control line is typically led back to the cockpit, where pulling the line exerts force to pull the boom down. There are 2 alternative types of mounting to attach BOOMLOCK ONE to the boom: Type A - For booms with underside tracks. IMPORTANT TOPPING LIFT INFORMATION TO INSTALLERS & OWNERS 21. Especially considering the weird angle of the mainsheet to the aft pulpit traveler. Adding a Boom Vang. to double and double & becket for 6:1 etc. II.1.C - Dismantle the original feeder (if any) at the mast track entrance. (23 sq.m.) • With the sail installed, release the topping lift and with no … Position of boom tang aft of the mast is thus approximately twice the vertical distance from the pivot point on the mast to the underside of the boom. Navtec’s Series 850 Vang features an extra-large piston rod to resist buckling with no tackle to clutter the deck layout. Tim. A850 Hydraulic Vang Cylinder. Of course you should have a boom vang just like any other sailboat. Cruisers use the vang to keep the boom from rising when sailing downwind and abraiding the main. Ocean Energy holds the remaining 50% interest in the Nansen field. ��޶�b|����!EƒG�9�O�$(R������VD�x|��fъ��b9�,T�ہ��v���$��[أi�k4�����0Z�h�(]Z��ێO'� 4��7#�� With the boom height set as above and the mast and boom fittings attached to the Boomstrut, position it alongside the vang triangle to see how it fits. Vangs are normally mounted as close to the deck as possible (on the Mast), and from 30 to 40% of the Boom length aft (on the Boom). -- there were no instructions as usual. Click thumbnails for a larger picture: Description: What's missing in this picture? Lower profile achieved through use of side-by-side double blocks and integral V-Jammer cleat. The A850 can be integrated with an A440 Push Button Quick Release Valve, providing the ability to instantaneously dump the vang when required. Use mainsheet system to tighten leech to bring boom to the lowest point 7. Attach the brake about 1/3 or 1/4 boom length from the mast. I'm now waiting for advice and information on what I'm supposed to do with all these parts. is intended for mono-hull yachts with mainsail areas up to 250 sq.ft. Installation – Boom and Mandrel and Deck Layout 15. Boom Bails are used for attachment points on the Boom and (on smaller boats) often on the Mast, though there a variety of section-specific Vang … Guaranteed to make your sailing more enjoyable. This will tell you what length requirements you have for using the “pin to pin” dimensions on the Yacht Rod size chart. Cruisers use the vang to keep the boom from rising when sailing downwind and abraiding the main. Excellent vang for mainsail control, coupled with strength for boom support - perfect for performance cruising and for racing. VANG. Its purpose is to pull the aft end of the boom down when the mainsail is fuller and more twisted than desired. It is all really quite simple and straightforward! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS be dismayed by the length of these Instructions. Installation steps : 1. Use the vang … Mainsheet and vang bail fitting 18. Adding spring to a boom vang. (23 55sq.m.) Install the Boomstrut with the screw head side of the rod clamps facing upward. In heavy "�*�.c$���ƨ�r�HO��� Cn�Q��t6'>k̮d����E�[H���q�'C���"��R��Ø;]�2�p��N�鲦�"sg�A�e r,�ɱŮ�O����~���H����o���oCa�TJa� �S���Jbˤ0�uuD��&vL�f[L� ���S#YZ?q�?�=«�_�^�h��+������QVY���\��o-�PK;3O��{�S ��uw�~��VA�mU�)�`�k)ޭ�$'�42�a���M;R����ʭg��rm5�}����}�! TWO is intended for mono-hull yachts with mainsail areas 250 –600sq.ft. Made especially easy because Mike Robinson (Joel's rigger - Ed.) There are a few exceptions however when it comes to boom vang use. A new boom is prepared for Rodkicker, Lazy jack sliders, easy installation of a stack-pack system and boom light that will lighten up your cockpit at night. ]-wX�^˪ �zݽ�ż�q��*�g%��{���IVE��v��R����`��`��a�� ��ZBv=� Q��2T��`PR1�^�pr��'w9��Pp��5T��|#�\A�Z�df�wt�M���К��q0@kX�أ|X[��~�x/�L�qv�D���v�4F��[72nƌ$��Ӕ�N�=�O�ޞ��M��&b;���z�������å]��`���dp�t�#'�0�=\���/Q�� ?���Y6A�%��������dt��t�?F�ш�c��Nr��5G�|�����&��BHm�^�?ʫm�m#�� Mast fitting uses the luff groove to eliminate drilling in the mast. Boom Vang installation: We use a lever vang and the key item for its success is to ensure that the length of the wire-lever-wire unit shown above is correct for your boat. Recommended installation angle of vang is 30 degrees from horizontal. Position is not critical so long as it does not interfere with the vang … It is not recommended for use with multi-hulls. Thanks! NOTE THAT THE LARGER TUBE MUST BE FITTED AT THE BOOM END. It can be used on any point of sail but is most useful on a reach. Basically, this is a block and tackle at the base of the mast that can pull the boom downwards – so if you are running before the wind, the […] Constructed of powerful white powder coated aluminum & polished stainless steel. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t install a rigid vang on a boom that rotates, as this will compromise the gooseneck fittings on the vang or the boom itself. MAKE IT HAPPEN – IT’S EASY To decide what you need, here are a few useful steps: Check if your boat is listed here. It is not recommended for use with multi-hulls. To determine what the exact maximum length should be, hoist the main into its proper position on a calm day. And for leverage the traditional boom vang, the block and tackle vang, is usually attached to about midway along the boom. II.1.B - The original boom vang attachment should not be used, as the rotation axis of the boom and of the new gooseneck need to be in line, which would never be the case with the original boom vang attachment. I have never installed a boom vang before so not sure how universal or boat specific they are. Price shown is for self-fit system including boom and mast tangs. Global agent listing 20. Support for the boom: A vang can make a great support to hold the boom up when you lower the sail, so you don’t need to attach a topping lift line or wire to the boom’s aft end. Easy installation independent of the vang. �}��xj�U!m�1������d"�DMe��sS���5����)���d��7���zyA���Fwf��a�V�17# �����V(F�w��e���S� �j�xx>h��i�SE ��[b�!ef�������I���y͗��=��=s hC8)#�ͶF��Ƿ��8~����j�a���g�=t`�.��-��u2J;i ��G��L$�Ø-� !�d˜S�)�E'qc!D# �:�X��y�)e;U���4&��ij�����;Q�\�!kN���K�|�f! Tension the vang to tighten the leech, flatten the sail and bend the mast. The other partners in Boomvang are Shell (formerly known as Enterprise, 50%) and Ocean Energy (20%). Compact 4:1 small dinghy vang system. The golden rule of thumb: Use enough vang to keep the top batten parallel to the boom. Hold the boom over the centre of the transom with no downward pressure. A boom vang prevents this motion by pulling downward on the boom regardless of its position in relation to the centerline. Little features with big paybacks. �|�;�t��P�s2%�SO!f��(����{�#ߚ]V愂���i�n[�^V.�_�Xeے{��t�����0�(��3Ҍ��d�'���{�9�/m{׶���������t�EԆ��(�\�. You would have to play with the boom at various angles (from a run to a broad reach to a beam reach etc) to look at the lead of a vang from your boom to wherever you choose to make your deck attachment. A traditional block-and-tackle vang mounts between the base of the mast and mid-boom. Sail fitting instructions 17. ��Cq���\zC�M�yԅ�YK�MJ��=sf(Sq��0@��s93�,�Qf$�)+v���,"i��E�q�����@�*X�O��C����~S�\iT��s�%I���nF�$,�P�-� +�9++��f莜 ����s���rs7��r�i��,�,s���.�*�7�.�2N��h ��y�$��X�������y���I[�T��6M�֚n�7f�kG�xu��L��&��F��WO��g�&C�q���7T�xb�lrō�xT�'{c��Z�w�dT��ղ){A�_ �瀟�R�t���H���N S\��5�ͣ||����.�՞�_V��3+��~dY�� Factory fitted systems: small: £17 extra; medium: £20 extra, large: £32 extra. Non-corroding and silent. NOTE THAT THE LARGER TUBE MUST BE FITTED AT THE BOOM END. • Fit the vang to the mast and boom fittings, large tube to the boom. Our rigid vangs contain a spring in compression, to support the boom when no load is placed on the vang. Thread starter cpedw; Start date 28 Jul 2017; 28 Jul 2017 #1 C. cpedw Well-known member. Today, I opened the Catalina Direct Boom Vang Kit to begin installing -- but what a surprise (!) To bring our sail-handling up to date, we elected to install a Seldén single-line reefing boom complete with a Rodkicker rigid vang. Compress the vang and tie off 8. A boom vang is a tackle system attached at a 45° angle between the mast and the boom. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS dismayed by the length of these instructions.

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